About Anthony Beckford


     State Assembly Candidate Anthony Beckford is one of the pillars of his community. Anthony Beckford is the son of Jamaican immigrants. Being a Marine Corps Veteran, Activist, Community Advocate, Freedom Fighter in the Black Lives Matter movement and the Leader of the Brooklyn Sector of CopWatch Patrol Unit. He has the discipline, consistency, passion and grit that it will take to protect the residents within the 42nd State Assembly District, from greedy developers, Trump's bigotry, Abusive Landlords, Police Violence, Gun Violence and more. And let's not forget the solutions to rebuild back the community and to bring in the resources and opportunities that are needed. The community can be represented fully and be protected and empowered through his planned legislation proposals and his consistency in the fight for Social Justice.

Anthony Beckford started as an activist at the early age of 12 while he was a student at Winthrop Junior High School. His first challenge was the rezoning of School District 18. The rezoning would have taken away the much needed funds that the schools within his district needed. Long story short, he helped to defeat the rezoning plan. After graduating from Winthrop Junior High School, Anthony Beckford went on to Midwood High School and graduated in the top 33 percentile. He is a member of the Democratic Socialists, Green Party of Brooklyn , True Freedom Political Club, MoveOn.org, ColorsofChange.org, Flatbush Tenant Coalition, Our Revolution, Green Party Black Caucus, Citizens Action NYC racial Justice Committee, Community Board 17 Housing and Public Safety sub-committees   and many more progressive organizations that are consistently defending democracy and fighting for the Rights of the people. 

Anthony Beckford chose to run for State Assembly because he saw the needs of his community. He feels he can do more and provide more accountability. He knows what resources and opportunities are needed and refuses to ignorant it,  the way the incumbent Rodneyse Bichotte has been for the past 4 years. Community members made it known that they have no true representation from Rodneyse Bichotte and that she is only focused on her self legacy.  Anthony Beckford  saw the families being separated and displaced. He saw the lack of opportunities for the youth and the lack of care for the elderly. He saw that no true affordable housing plan was in place for the people and believes that Immigration protections should be permanent, not temporary. He has seen the attacks against the working class and low income. He was able to expose Rodneyse Bichotte's donations from Real Estate Brokers and members of the Real Estate Board of New York, crooked lobbyists and special interest groups. 

Anthony Beckford has selflessly stood up to protect the communities from police brutality and gun violence. He is a true leader and innovator. He continues to battle gun violence, poverty, racial disparities, gentrification, climate changes, police brutality, tenant harassment, displacements, developers, the school to prison pipeline, racism, classism, environmental violations and much, much more.  Mr. Beckford has been consistent in his fight for justice. He has stands side by side with various organizations that fight for tenants’ rights, worker’s rights, women’s rights, immigration rights, lgbtq rights and more.

Honor, Courage and Commitment are Core Values that Mr. Beckford not only carries over from the Marine Corps, but are Core Values that he utilizes within his community. 



Anthony Beckford with NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer                                           Anthony Beckford with NYC Public Advocate Tish James

                                                                                                       Anthony Beckford with Congresswoman Yvette Clark


                                                                             Anthony Beckford with NYS Senator Kevin Parker


                                                                                           Anthony Beckford standing up against REBNY



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