Charges must be filed Immediately against Theresa Klein


Statement from Community Advocate/ State Assembly candidate Anthony Beckford.


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I am sickened and angered by the rise and the dismissive attitudes by many of our elected officials regarding these racist incidents that have been occuring. The most recent incident at the Sahara Deli by Theresa Klein who is now known as Cornerstone Caroline just shows how empowered racist bigots are feeling. A 9 year old Black child and his younger sister are now traumatized due to this attack on him. This young boy in no way talked Theresa Klein in any sexual or inappropriate way. Theresa Klein falsified a report and impersonated an Officer which are both felony crimes. She falsely accused this child of sexual assault when video evidence shows that he did nothing to her. She put the life of this child in danger, the same way the life of Emmitt Till was put in danger, which reseulted in his death. I have met with the gentleman, Jason, who recorded the viral video of the incident and thanked him for doing just that to expose this hidden bigot in our community. I am also working through him to provide the mother and her children the help they need legally and to help the children get through this trauma.

When I heard the cries of those children and their pleas to their mother to save them, my heart broke. I then started to think of my sons and of my daughters and my heart began to hurt even more. There is no reason why any racist individual should ever feel that they can commit these acts of hate and get away with it. The sense of "white privilege" they feel is not their pass to do and sat whatever. It dies not make them better or more important than and Black or Brown person. Their actions will not be tolerated at all.

The issue is not only the racist individuals, but it is also the sideline sitting, waiting until the community bangs on their doors, playing politics with our lives elected officials who allow this to happen and to continue. Their inaction and subtle talks allow us to continue to be demonized, criminalized and victimized. Their politics as usual behavior puts us all in danger the same way Theresa Klein put that child's life in danger. When our elected officials, especially our Black Elected Officials act complacent and play the line of both sides because they want the votes from everyone to continue their political career, they are problematic and need to be removed from our community the same way racist bigots need to be removed. I, for one do not and would never play the line. I know who I advocate for and fight for. I know what I stand for and will contimue standing for. There needs to be action. Lip service is cheap and the people are tired of talking to ears that choose to not hear and listen to mouths that only speak foe the cameras but not for the people.

I am demanding that charges be brought against Theresa Klein immediately for her crimes. Charges of Lewd Behavior, Child Endangerment, Falsified Report to 911, Impersonating an Officer and much more.


No more shall we play puppet to those who want to appease those who target us and our children.


Petition for charges to be issued against Theresa Klein:

Anthony Beckford is a longtime community advocate in the Flatbush and East Flatbush areas of Brooklyn. He is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Single Father, Mentor, Activist and the current candidate for the 42nd District of the New York State Assembly District which includes Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood and Ditmas Park.

He can be reached at for comments, interviews and community related issues.

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