Op-Ed: Time To Get Rid Of All Corrupt Incumbents on November 6th

        The Republican Senators and those who caucus with the Republicans such as Senator Folder of the 17th Senate District are only part of the problem when it comes to stopping or hindering progressive legislation to be passed and funding coming into our communities,  especially the Marginalized communities. We must also look at the republicans and some of the democrats in the New York State Assembly who are corrupt and are controlled by their corporate handlers, which makes them a major problem as well. They are truly republican wolves hiding in progressive clothing. 


        Rodneyse Bichotte is one of many corrupt politicians that have always chosen the special interests of corporate donors over the interests of the people.  Her top donor is the most corrupt of them all and controls her through Pay to Play. This donor who was recently indicted with many others is no other than Husam Ahmad. He was even able to obtain a company by the name of SIMCO and fraudulently used it's status in the State Minority/Woman-Owned Business Enterprise, which Rodneyse Bichotte is the Chair of the Oversight of. No wonder Husam Ahmad and his wife have altogether donated over $16,000 to Rodneyse Bichotte's campaign.

Her corruption has been exposed and she must be stopped.

Article Title: Twenty-One Individuals and Companies Indicted in New York Corruption and Fraud Scheme

"On April 18, 2018, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, New York (DANY), announced a series of indictments against Husam Ahmad. The defendants were charged with corrupting the Government, bribery, bribe receiving, offering false instruments, and engaging in a scheme to defraud.

The indictments are related to a corruption and fraud investigation that impacts the reconstruction of the Kosciuszko Bridge—work funded by the Federal Highway Administration through the New York State (NYS) Department of Transportation—as well as various NYS Metropolitan Transportation Authority subway system projects funded by the Federal Transit Administration.

The indictments also allege that Husam Ahmad, chief executive officer of HAKS, sought to obtain public contracts by gaining control of SIMCO, which was certified to participate in the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and State Minority/Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) programs. Ahmad allegedly acquired a 45-percent stake in SIMCO but could not claim personal ownership of more than 50 percent without compromising the company’s DBE and MWBE status. He sought to acquire full control of SIMCO by supplying funds to a former HAKS employee, Muhammad Siddiqui, so that Siddiqui could purchase the remaining 55-percent stake. By falsely maintaining the company’s DBE status, SIMCO obtained over $10 million in public contracts that it was not eligible to receive."

Her ties to this corrupt individual is linked to why many Minority/Women Owned Businesses are left to fend for themselves and eventually are shut down. The reason why our Train system is inadequate. The reason why developers have been taking all of the available land, tearing down homes and places of worship in our communities. Rodneyse Bichotte is corrupt and must be removed from her position. She must be voted out on November 6th. The people must vote for a True Progressive and Advocate for the people, which is me, Anthony Beckford.

Other Info:

- It was reported by members of the Democratic National Committee for the Disabled that Rodneyse Bichotte has been cooperating with ICE to help landlords intimidate and illegally evict immigrant tenants and their families out of their homes.

- Assembly Bill A06285 prohibits Preferential Rents because it causes mass displacements of the elderly, disabled individuals and families from their homes. Assembly member Rodneyse Bichotte REFUSES to Co-sponsor the Bill that could save the housing of millions of people.

- Rodneyse Bichotte has received donations from Charles Borrok who is a top rated real estate broker and investor who is aligned with the Real Estate Board of New York and has helped them manipulate and displace thousands of Senior Citizens, disabled individuals and families.

- She has also supported the Real Estate Board of New York's renewal of 421-a house g plan which has been one of the main causes of why thousands of Senior Citizens, Disabled Individuals and Families have lost their homes and will continue to lose their homes.

- Rodneyse Bichotte has accepted funds from Charter Communications which is a K own Union Buster. Charter has attempted to force workers to renounce their union benefits in favor of company health and retirement plans, which members say would weaken their union and leave workers significantly worse off. Rodneyse clearly shows that she is not on the side of workers and the unions, especially those of the IBEW.

- Rodneyse Bichotte has received over $100,000 from Real Estate, Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups and Fraudulent individuals. If Rodneyse Bichotte stays in office, the community will no longer exist and thousands more people will lose their homes and rents will continue to rise higher and higher. The immigrant community of Flatbush and East Flatbush will cease to exist and gentrification will fully take over.

Rodneyse Bichotte is NOT for the people. She is for the corporations and the Rich, while the working class and low income continue to suffer.

On November 6th come out and Vote for ANTHONY BECKFORD to save our homes, to get rid of preferential rents and MCIs, to strengthen the rent laws, to protect the immigrants, to stop police violence, to stop gun violence, to save our healthcare, to save our businesses, to Stop further displacements and to create True Affordable Housing for the working class and low income families and individuals.



























Anthony Beckford is a long standing community advocate, activist, US Marine Corps Veteran, the Leader of the Brooklyn Sector of Copwatch Patrol Unit and the candidate for State Assembly in the 42nd District, which consists of Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood and Ditmas Park. He is the member of various progressive organizations, such as Democratic Socialists, Citizens Action of NYC Racial Justice Committee, Jews For Racial and Economic Justice, MoveOn.org, Lambda Independent Democrats, 

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Actor Malik Yoba and Anthony Beckford fight against Gun Violence

Actor Malik Yoba and New York State Assembly candidate Anthony Beckford  were in the community on Church Avenue and Ocean Avenue, demanding that the youth put Down the guns and embrace life.


"Let us rebuild the foundation of being a community and #JusticeForJustin and all others we have lost to senseless gun violence."


#Flatbush #Brooklyn


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Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization


Colorado was able to use $3 million dollars of marijuana sales to provide food and housing for the homeless.  Now imagine what can be done in New York with my #CBDTHCpolicy that I will introduce when I am elected in November as NY Assemblyman of District 42.

It will be used to not only provide food and permanent housing for those who are homeless, it will also be used to help provide funding for our public schools, provide funding for community centers, senior housing, transitional programs for the formally incarcerated and REAL affordable housing for middle to low income families.

My bill will cause legalization and decriminalization of marijuana (marihuana). The records of those who have been incarcerated for low level crimes will be wiped clean and those still incarcerated will be released. I will also propose to exclude large corporations and Big Pharma from being able to have any control or part in this legislation or the sales of marijuana.

We will End the Prohibition. 


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Education Plan by Anthony Beckford

I started my advocacy work and activism and the age of 12 and was able to defeat powerful individuals and this system in trying to rezone aka segregate my School district. Now as a NY State Assembly candidate I will be pushing for even more victories for our communities in New York when it comes to education:

- I will introduce measures in the State Assembly to provide not just affordable but quality childcare for low income and working families. Our children deserve the best and I will not tolerate the racial disparities that this city and state have been functioning on.

- Charter Schools will no longer be able to touch public funding for our public schools. No more of this "take a brick away from an existing structure to build a new structure" complex. We will not allow the elected officials who have been failing our children to continue to do so. Public Schools will receive the adequate funding that they need and Charter Schools will not be able to touch one penny from our children. First charter schools were built by racist parents who did not want their children to be in school with Black and Brown children, and now they are infiltrating our communities to use our Black and Brown children to obtain funding and for their CEOs to get richer as our communities continue to fall deeper into poverty.

- There will be diversification of specialized high schools. No longer will tests that do not truly test their full potential be used as a way to keep schools in New York segregated.

- Schools will include Black History in their curriculum. This also means history before slavery and the history of Caribbean Nations. Children will learn the truth. No more open lies.

- Repeal of the APPR - Annual Professional Performance Review. Teachers should not have their performance evaluated based on the test results of students. Teachers work hard to make sure that our children are educated. The APPR is the system's way of passing blame to the teachers when the blame falls on the racial disparities that are created by the existing system. This system will be replaced. Teachers will no longer be the scapegoats of those who have failed our communities and our children. These tests that are children take are at times strategically created to hold them back.

- Universal Pre-k is a must. It is very beneficial when it comes to education and can help with child care needs so that parents are able to go to work to provide for their child.

- I will not allow our children and our teachers to become casualties of these perverse policies of old. It is a new beginning and I am sending out the call to Organize, Rally and Fight for our communities and our education.

- Anthony Beckford

NY State Assembly Candidate, Community Advocate, Father

Email: VoteForAnthonyBeckford@gmail.com 

Twitter: @Vote4Beckford

Facebook: AnthonyBeckfordForStateAssembly