Close the LLC Loophole - Stop Corporate Control of Politics

Close the LLC Loophole - Stop Corporate Control of Politics

Just got word that the bill that the New York Senate is trying to pass to supposedly "Close the LLC Loophole" will in fact not actually close the loophole, but will in fact limit the activities of individuals who try to use LLCs to donate large amounts to a candidate, on top of personally donating to a candidate. This is a good measure that is good, but there is another bill that I definitely support which will Ban Corporate donations altogether.

Senator Jen Metzger has a bill that would actually ban corporate donations and fully close the door on the control that real estate, hedge fund, charter schools and fossil fuel interests had over elected officials.

I fully support Senator Jen Metzger's S1013 bill that will fully close the LLC loophole.

S1013 Via: New York State Senate

The purpose of this legislation is to ban corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and partnerships from making contributions to political campaigns.

The bill is currently in the State Election Committee, in which Senator Zellnor Myrie is the Chair of.  Myself and many organizations will be keeping an eye on this bill. There is not excuse for it to not pass the Election Committee and there is no reason for it to not Pass the Senate and the State Assembly.




- Anthony Beckford is a Community Advocate in the East Flatbush community, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Activist. Anthony is the member of many progressive organizations and political associations.  He has been on the frontlines taking on the many issues in our communities and pushing for sound legislation to be passed.



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