Community Platform

  • Housing & Small Business: Anthony Beckford is part of various Tenants Rights grassroots organizations and Community Board 17’s Housing Sub-committee. He will introduce bills to eliminate preferential rent, strengthen rent laws, make MCIs Temporary, turn shelters into permanent housing, provide Rent Rollbacks, protect home owners and small business owners. Anthony will fight for Universal Housing.


  • Police Accountability: Anthony Beckford is the leader of the Brooklyn Sector of Copwatch Patrol Unit, a grassroots police accountability group.  He will introduce bills that provide full accountability of all law enforcement officers.


  • Immigration Rights:  Anthony Beckford is the son of Jamaican Immigrants. He has been working to provide permanent residency for all TPS and DACA holders and a fast track process to provide citizenship to all immigrants in our community#AbolishICE


  • Gun Violence: Anthony Beckford recently lost a loved one to gun violence. He has been marching with Councilman Jumaane Williams, Senator Kevin Parker and various advocates at the yearly East Flatbush Anti-Violence march. He will introduce his “Save Our Youth” initiative which will help keep our communities safe from further Gun and Gang Violence.


  • Healthcare:  Anthony Beckford supports and helped the New York State Nurses Association advocate for the New York Health Act, which will provide healthcare for all no matter your income or immigration status.


  • Marijuana: Anthony Beckford supports for the full legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. He wants the records of all low level offenders to be wiped clean and for this currently incarcerated to be released immediately.  The prohibition must end.  Anthony Beckford plans to use the funds from marijuana sales to help fund public schools,  community centers,  provide senior, middle class and low income housing, as well as to help the state's current deficit. 


  • Cash Bail System: Anthony Beckford plans on ending the cash bail system that targets people of color and is the cause behind many people being incarcerated die to not being able to pay bail. 


  • Workers Rights: Anthony Beckford supports workers and Unions.  Workers must have adequate health care, livable wages, safe work conditions and much more. 


- Anthony Beckford also advocates for Public School Funding, Equal Pay for Women, LGBTQ Rights, Fair Wages, Women’s Rights, etc. 






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