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  • Housing & Small Business: Anthony Beckford is part of various Tenants Rights grassroots organizations and Community Board 17’s Housing Sub-committee. Anthony Beckford has made it his mission to advocate for tenants and homeowners who are being harassed by corrupt landlords and greedy developers. In his first 30 days in office, Anthony Beckford will introduce his Housing Justice Bill to provide Rent Rollbacks, eliminate Preferential Rent from leases, strengthen rent laws, eliminate MCIs, turn shelters into permanent housing, hold slumlords accountable for their negligence of tenants and violation of tenant's rights through increased fines and imprisonment. Anthony Beckford will make sure that homeowners are able to obtain resources and assistance to help them catch up on their property taxes owed and provide assistance for them to be able to repair their homes. In regards to Small Businesses, Anthony Beckford will continue to advocate for the passing of the #SBJSA (Small Business Jobs Survival Act)


  • Criminal Justice: Anthony Beckford is the leader of the Brooklyn Sector of Copwatch Patrol Unit, a grassroots police accountability group.  He will introduce bills that provide full accountability of all law enforcement officers and Repeal 50a, so that the disciplinary records of the officers are no longer hidden. Anthony Beckford has been very vocal in his opposition to the plan to build new jails and has been advocating to End the Cash Bail System. Anthony Beckford believes in restorative justice and has committed time and effort to show the positive impact it has. He has stood by community residents who have been wrongfully accused and convicted of crimes they did not commit and has been by the sides of the families who have lost loved ones to Police Violence in New York and throughout the country.


  • Immigration Rights:  Anthony Beckford is the son of Jamaican Immigrants. He has been working to provide permanent residency for all TPS and DACA holders and a fast track process to provide citizenship to all immigrants not only in Flatbush and East Flatbush, but throughout New York. Anthony Beckford has been advocating for the families who have been separated by the Trump Administration and has been advocating consistently for the reunification of the children and their families.  #AbolishICE


  • Healthcare:  Anthony Beckford supports and has advocated alongside the New York State Nurses Association and HEAL NY for the New York Health Act, which will provide healthcare for all no matter your income or immigration status. Anthony Beckford has also pushed for the ban of Conversion Therapy, for a Women's Right To Choose, as well as living wages and reimbursements for Birth Doulas. People in District 45, as well as the rest of New York deserve access to affordable quality healthcare which
    includes family planning services like coverage of contraception and reproductive services. 


  • Education: Anthony Beckford has always been an advocate for education when it comes to our children. His start was at the age of 12, when he stopped the racist agenda of rezoning School District 18, which would have caused a catastrophic defunding and further segregation of the schools. Anthony understands the needs of our children and the structure that is needed for them to have an adequate education. Anthony Beckford has been fighting for the release of the $1.4 Billion that is owed to New York City Public Schools. As a City Councilmember, Anthony Beckford will create an avenue that will have those funds released to the schools and make sure that the teachers are provided with adequate resources to teach our children. Anthony Beckford is advocating for more School Counselors and Social Workers and Less Cops in Schools. There will also be his push for Cultural Sensitivity training for all Educators and Administrators and the decrease of suspensions. Anthony Beckford is also the lead Advocate for the Black History Education Bill, which will provide a mandated year round curriculum of Black History in schools throughout New York State as well as Cultural Responsive Training for all Teachers and Administrators. Anthony Beckford will be bringing Trade Programs back into Public Schools, expand the Free Breakfast and Lunch Programs to more schools during the Summer and work with New York City Schools to create Youth Leadership Programs. Also, FREE COLLEGE FOR ALL!!


  • Marijuana: Anthony Beckford supports for the full legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. He wants the records of all low level offenders to be wiped clean and for this currently incarcerated to be released immediately.  The prohibition must end.  Anthony Beckford plans to use the funds from marijuana sales to help fund public schools,  community centers,  provide senior, middle class and low income housing, as well as to help the state's current deficit. 


  • Workers Rights: Anthony Beckford supports workers and Unions.  Workers must have adequate health care, livable wages, safe work conditions and much more. Anthony Beckford has stood on the frontlines with members of DC37, 1199SEIU, 32BJSEIU, CWA, AFL-CIO, UFT and many other Major Unions and Locals on various occasions, including during the Janus Decision and during the Government Shutdown.


  • LGBTQ Rights: Anthony Beckford advocated for the Ban on Conversion Therapy and for the passing of G.E.N.D.A. Anthony Beckford has been a true ally to the LGBTQ community, especially LGBTQ People of Color.


  • Gun Violence: Anthony Beckford recently lost a loved one to gun violence. He has been marching with Councilman Jumaane Williams, Senator Kevin Parker and various advocates at the yearly East Flatbush Anti-Violence march. He will introduce his “Save Our Youth” initiative which will help keep our communities safe from further Gun and Gang Violence through peer mediation, employment opportunities, funding for summer programs, etc.


  • Environment: Anthony Beckford is a huge supporter of the Green New Deal and has been helping to advocate for more Community Gardens, the shutdown of all pipelines and was one of the many voices that called for the end to fracking.


  • Fair Elections: Anthony Beckford has been consistent in his advocacy for Election Reform along with Organizations, such as Brooklyn Voters Alliance and others. Anthony has supports Ranked Choice Voting and is pushing for the NYC Council Charter to add it to the ballot in November. Anthony also supports closing the LLC Loophole and giving back Parolees their Right To Vote.

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