Education Plan by Anthony Beckford

Education Plan by Anthony Beckford

I started my advocacy work and activism and the age of 12 and was able to defeat powerful individuals and this system in trying to rezone aka segregate my School district. Now as a NY State Assembly candidate I will be pushing for even more victories for our communities in New York when it comes to education:

- I will introduce measures in the State Assembly to provide not just affordable but quality childcare for low income and working families. Our children deserve the best and I will not tolerate the racial disparities that this city and state have been functioning on.

- Charter Schools will no longer be able to touch public funding for our public schools. No more of this "take a brick away from an existing structure to build a new structure" complex. We will not allow the elected officials who have been failing our children to continue to do so. Public Schools will receive the adequate funding that they need and Charter Schools will not be able to touch one penny from our children. First charter schools were built by racist parents who did not want their children to be in school with Black and Brown children, and now they are infiltrating our communities to use our Black and Brown children to obtain funding and for their CEOs to get richer as our communities continue to fall deeper into poverty.

- There will be diversification of specialized high schools. No longer will tests that do not truly test their full potential be used as a way to keep schools in New York segregated.

- Schools will include Black History in their curriculum. This also means history before slavery and the history of Caribbean Nations. Children will learn the truth. No more open lies.

- Repeal of the APPR - Annual Professional Performance Review. Teachers should not have their performance evaluated based on the test results of students. Teachers work hard to make sure that our children are educated. The APPR is the system's way of passing blame to the teachers when the blame falls on the racial disparities that are created by the existing system. This system will be replaced. Teachers will no longer be the scapegoats of those who have failed our communities and our children. These tests that are children take are at times strategically created to hold them back.

- Universal Pre-k is a must. It is very beneficial when it comes to education and can help with child care needs so that parents are able to go to work to provide for their child.

- I will not allow our children and our teachers to become casualties of these perverse policies of old. It is a new beginning and I am sending out the call to Organize, Rally and Fight for our communities and our education.

- Anthony Beckford

NY State Assembly Candidate, Community Advocate, Father


Twitter: @Vote4Beckford

Facebook: AnthonyBeckfordForStateAssembly 

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