Help Anthony Beckford to Abolish ICE

We must continue the fight to reunite the children with their families.  I.C.E. has committed inhumane acts against immigrants with no accountability.  Sitting back and doing nothing is being complacent to their crimes against humanity.  #AbolishICE


I.C.E. is a government funded terrorist organization that are the war dogs of Donald Trump and his administration. They have been carrying our some of the most inhumane acts against Immigrants and their children.  Their doctrines and protocols all support a racist oppressive agenda. They must be stopped from committing anymore acts of assault (sexual and physical),  separations,  trauma and so forth. I am calling for I.C.E. to be abolished. Please help me get to over 100,000 signatures to make sure this can happen. Sign the petition and share it for others to sign as well.  It is time that we the people show Trump and his administration our true power. 





- NYS Assembly candidate Anthony Beckford 

Twitter: @Vote4Beckford

100,000 signatures

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