Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization

Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization


Colorado was able to use $3 million dollars of marijuana sales to provide food and housing for the homeless.  Now imagine what can be done in New York with my #CBDTHCpolicy that I will introduce when I am elected in November as NY Assemblyman of District 42.

It will be used to not only provide food and permanent housing for those who are homeless, it will also be used to help provide funding for our public schools, provide funding for community centers, senior housing, transitional programs for the formally incarcerated and REAL affordable housing for middle to low income families.

My bill will cause legalization and decriminalization of marijuana (marihuana). The records of those who have been incarcerated for low level crimes will be wiped clean and those still incarcerated will be released. I will also propose to exclude large corporations and Big Pharma from being able to have any control or part in this legislation or the sales of marijuana.

We will End the Prohibition. 


Join the #AnthonyBeckfordForStateAssembly movement for the people.

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