Pass the New York Health Act

Healthcare is a Human Right. Sign this petition to let your voice be heard and to demand that the New York Health Act be passed.

Everyone living in New York deserves to have guaranteed health coverage. We must move past the days where people could not get proper medical care due to the high costs of treatments and medications.  We must move past the times where people ended up dying due to the lack of care or settled with the bare minimum to not have such a high cost on their medical bill. 

Recently,  myself and others lobbied in Albany to tell the State Senators to pass the New York Health Act. We were able to push the NYS Assembly into passing the New York Health Act for the 4th year in a row. Now,  let us make sure that the Senate gets the clue. 

Join me in my grassroots movement to get the New York Health Act fully supported and passed in Albany.  This is lifesaving for millions,  including you and your family.

Healthcare is a Human Right. 

– Anthony Beckford 

New York State Assembly Candidate - District 42




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