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East Flatbush Community Advocate announces his run for NYS State Assembly:

The Voices Of the Silenced will be Heard



Long time community advocate and U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Anthony Beckford has announced his run for the New York State Assembly of District 42 in Brooklyn, which includes Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood and Ditmas Park. Anthony Beckford is the son of Jamaican Immigrants and was raised by a single mother who instilled in him the values to be a good person.  He started his activism at the age of 12, as a student at Winthrop Junior High School where he helped stopped the rezoning (segregation) of the school district.  As a graduate in the top 33 percentile of Midwood High School,  Anthony Beckford went to college and then enlisted in the Marine Corps where he received the National Defense Service Medal. Throughout the years, NY State Assembly candidate Anthony Beckford has aligned himself with various organizations to fight for Tenants rights, Women’s rights, Immigration rights, Worker’s rights, Public School Education Funding, the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, single payer healthcare and much more. The fight against gentrification, police brutality, poverty,  gun violence as well as corrupt/complacent elected officials.In 2017, he ran for City Council in District 45 and did not win, but he did not take that as a complete lost.



"I was able to reach out to people and motivate more people to vote. I was able to engage with the community in ways that elected officials refuse to do, because they want to maintain their same amount of voters to keep them in office. Many elected officials fear the power of new voters. They only provide lip service but no actual action to help our communities. They choose their paychecks over our lives and that has to end. I have opened the eyes of many people and I got to learn more about the political process in the meantime. The fact that I received votes, shows that people want something new.  They want someone who truly represents and advocates for them."



“Our communities have demands. They do not need anymore lip-service, they need actual action. They need protections. They need true representation.  We must stop all division and bring our communities back into a unified state to battle those that oppose our rights and we’ll being.”


Anthony Beckford has been endorsed by the Green Party of Brooklyn, Caribbean Unity Alliance and grassroots organization, Brooklyn Residents Against Gentrification. He is awaiting decisions from various unions and well known progressive elected officials and organizations.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Anthony Beckford at 347-206-0244 or email


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