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New York State Assembly Candidate Anthony Beckford 

stands with Home Health Aides. 

(Brooklyn, NY)

     I fully stand with Home Health Aides in their demand to be paid a 24 hour pay for working 24 hours. The fact that they are only getting paid 13 hrs for their 24 hrs of work is immoral, unethical and is on the line of indentured slave labor. This must be fixed. The agencies and the department of Labor must all be held accountable for this. Patients require the service and Home Health Aides require the pay for the services they provide. Today I sat in the hearing and listened to what the job entails and to what both the Home Health Aides and their patients go through, all for the agencies to make maximum profit while endangering the lived of the patients and violating the right of the workers. About 95% of home health aides are women of color and many are immigrants. These new age practices of slavery will be abolished by any means. To not cause the burn out of the Home Health Aides, the agencies must be mandated to pay these workers for sick leave and vacation days. I heard how the agencies tell these workers to not report the hours after their 13th, when they must tend to their patients. I heard testimony exposing the agencies, telling the home health aides that if anything happens to their patients after the 13th hour, that they are to not intervene and just call 911. That is not proper health care. That is negligent care, and I applaud the home health aides for disobeying that disgusting memo and tending to the consistent needs of their patients. My mother was once a Visiting Nurse and I used to hear her stories about the work load and how much she loved her patients. She made sure that they were never neglected and that they had the proper required care. I will damned if I just stand back and say and do nothing. Home Health Aides require better protections and they are to receive the same labor protections as any other laborer out there. The problems with corporations, are that they are profit over people. Well, I am People Over Profit and I will stand with Home Health Aides in this fight.



Anthony Beckford is a long standing community advocate, Activist and a candidate for New York State Assembly in District 42 which consists of Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood and Ditmas Park. Anthony Beckford resides in East Flatbush and has been on the frontlines fighting for the people regarding issues such as, immigration, housing, police brutality, gun violence, healthcare, environmental issues and much more. Anthony Beckford is the son of Jamaican immigrants and the Leader of the Brooklyn Sector of Copwatch Patrol Unit, a grassroots group that has been on the forefront of police accountability. He is seeking to be elected in the general election this November 6th, 2018, to stop the displacements and racial disparities in his district and to push as much legislation as possible to answer the demands of the people. He has marched and spoken out against gun violence  in our communities along with City Council member Jumaane Williams and State Senator Kevin Parker. He has been demanding Justice for those lost to police violence and along with Congresswoman Yvette Clark, has openly condemned the recent killing of Saheed Vassell by NYPD Officers. Anthony Beckford is a member of progressive organizations such as, Our Revolution, Democratic Socialists, Black Caucus of the Green Party,  ColorOfChange, MoveOn and many other progressive organizations. His recent endorsements include NYC Against ICE, Brooklyn Residents against Gentrification, Caribbean Unity Alliance, Green Party of Brooklyn, Stop REBNY and many more. 


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