Community Advocate decides to run for the Special Election

Ever since Tish James won the Attorney General's race in this past 2018 election cycle, there has been various people preparing to run for the Public Advocate position. One of the candidates is Jumaane Williams, who is my Councilman in CD45.  I myself have been approached by a few people to run for Public Advocate, but I have declined due to my support for a certain Public Advocate Candidate and my belief that my skillset and advocacy will be best used in either the New York State Assembly for the 42nd District or for the 45th City Council District. There are many community residents, community groups and political groups that are backing my decision for either or. In the event that Jumaane Williams does win the Public Advocate seat, I am announcing that I will in fact run for the 45th City Council position to continue with the progressive change and the fight for the Flatbush and East Flatbush communities when it comes to Housing, Education, Social Justice and Immigration. We need true affordable housing for low income and middle income families and individuals, more adequate funding and resources for our children when it comes to their education, actual police accountability, bail reforms and the closing of rikers as well as true protection of immigrant rights. As a long time community advocate, I know the communities within the District and have been serving them consistently for over 10 years. I know the needs of the people and will work together with the residents to tackle all of our issues in the District.

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