Candidate Anthony Beckford announces Transportation Justice For All

Candidate Anthony Beckford announces Transportation Justice For All

twitter_header_photo_2.pngGovernor Andrew Cuomo Proposed an MTA Fare Increase, that will cause the moderate and low income families and individuals in New York City to through further financial strains. Our housing cost is rising and now our transportation cost will rise, yet again. Enough is Enough. We will not just stand by as billion dollar corporations and their sidekick elected officials continue to hurt the people of our Great City.

Under Coumo's Fare Increase, Single Fares will go from $2.75 to $3.50 and monthly metrocards will go from $121.00 to $154.00.

We Do Not Need A Fare Increase!

We Need Affordable to No Cost Fares, Adequate Repairs, Reliable Service, Accessible Train Stations, Clean Train Stations.

As the Voice of the People, when I become your new City Council Member, I will be working alongside transportation advocates and community leaders to introduce my Transportation Justice For All Bill, that will provide fare rollbacks for everyone. This will bring single ride fares down to $1.75 and monthly metrocards will be reduced to $100.

In that same bill, I will put action behind words and create more accessible subway stations for the elderly and disabled. There will be an independent investigative body that will review the finances of the MTA and find out where the money has been going that should have been used for the necessary repairs and hold all individuals who are responsible for the neglect of our subway riders to be held fully accountable.

This is my promise for my first 30 days in Office. It is time for New Yorkers to start being able to Live and not just Surviving.



About Anthony Beckford:

Anthony Beckford is a Single Father, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Community Advocate and Activist. Anthony Beckford has spent his life working hard to help others and to build a strong united community for everyone. 

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